Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ex-Angsa 2012 by Malaysian Armed Forced..!!!

Night Flight Training for Su-30MK2V Fighter ...!!!

        Preparing night flight on Su-30MK2 at 923 Regiment (photo : VTC News, Giaoduc)
Recently, the Regiment 923 fighter successfully conducted the flight night on new fighter Su-30MK2V.
After the preparation process on all sides, the middle of September, the 923rd Regiment (371st Division, Air Defense - Air Force) held the first night on the aircraft Su-30MK2V.

Monitor and direct flight training mission at night Regiment Major General Do Minh Tuan, deputy commander of the Air Defense - Air Force.
Board flight was a success, reaching 100% of the plan.
Major General Do Minh Tuan congratulate and commend the efforts of the officers and soldiers of the Regiment 923, and requests the next time, the regiment continued efforts to improve the quality of training and perform tasks on duty combat aircraft.

RMAF May Lease Gripens an Option ....!!

                                           Swedish Gripen (photo : Militaryphotos)

PETALING JAYA : The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) is considering an offer from Sweden to lease up to 18 JAS39 Gripen fighter jets for its Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MRCA) programme.
RMAF chief Tan Sri Rodzali Daud told theSun leasing the Gripens is a cheaper solution considering the huge capital expenditure needed for the procurement of new fighters.
"The Gripens had been leased to European air forces, so there is nothing new about such a deal.
"The aircraft also meets all of our MRCA requirements although I admit it is short on gas and range due to its small size," he said when asked to comment on claims by defence industry sources that Sweden has offered a lease-buy option for the Gripens.
Sources told theSun that offer was made after Gripen and the Sukhoi Su-30MKM were eliminated from the MRCA programme following technical evaluation by RMAF test pilots.
They said the three top contenders, namely Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet, Dassault Rafale and Eurofighter Typhoon, would compete for the final stage of the programme, where their transfer of technology packages and off-set offers would be evaluated before the winner is selected.
Rodzali denied that Gripen and Sukhoi were no longer considered for the MRCA programme as "we are still evaluating all of the aircraft".
He also denied that RMAF had ranked the aircraft in the technical evaluation.
Instead, he said, the aircraft's strengths and weaknesses were documented for further evaluation.
According to him, one important factor for the final selection would be the lowest support cost. "If the Super Hornet is seen as the favourite, it is because we already have the Hornets (eight units) in service."
Asked how many Gripens will be leased if the offer is accepted, he said "preferably it will be 18 planes as specified in the MRCA".
He said despite budgetary constraints, the MRCA programme will go ahead as the air force has planned to retire the 10 MiG-29N Fulcrum air superiority fighters by 2015. "We may need a special budget, one that covers three Malaysian plans," he added.
Rodzali declined to confirm the budget allocation for the MRCA programme but sources told theSun the air force could only procure 12 jets if it opts for the Super Hornet, Rafale or Typhoon.
Hungary and Czech operate the Gripens under a 10-year lease-and-buy contract, for around RM398 million a year, which covers servicing and training.
Rodzali dismissed any hint of an arm race in the impending buy.
"The reason we are looking for new fighters is because of the capability gap. We need to ensure we are on par with other nations.
"Another reason is technology. Technology is moving rapidly. We cannot afford to be left behind."

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Royal Brunei Navy Ships at Down Under for Exercies Kakadu 2012..!!!

HTMS Rattanakosin 441, KDB Darulaman 08, KRI Frans Kaisiepo 368 (photo : Brunei Mindef)
AUSTRALIA – KDB DARULAMAN which departed Brunei on 20 August 2012 is currently in action with some other seven foreign navies in Down Under Australia. Exercise KAKADU 2012 is one of the largerst Australian International Maritime exercise conducted at he Northern Territory sea area. This year Navies from France, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand and Brunei took part in one of the most significant multi lateral naval engagement in the region.
This year, the Exercise is aimed at developing the interoperability of multilateral operations as well as the ability to work with international naval forces in maritime security exercise and activities and will test the effectiveness of participating navies in simulated warfare at sea. For Royal Brunei Navy, this sort of naval interaction is not only a life opportunity but an absolute gain in core competency and valuable exposure for all officers and men on combat platform . With its new platform in service, namely the DARUSSALAM Class patrol boats, our Bruneian naval operator need to prove theselves as competent and efficient seafeares. Joint naval interation with other navies also promotes our defence diplomacy interest.
The Officiating Ceremony of Exercise KAKADU 2012 took place onboard Royal Australia Navy frigates HMAS PERTH and HMAS WARRAMUNGA. The opening ceremony was officiated by Rear Admiral T.Barret, Commander of Australian Fleet.
KDB DARULAMAN along with other participating ships and aircraft will commence the eleven-day period sea phase exercise, which begin on the 2nd September 2012. As reported by the Commanding Officer of KDB DARULAMAN, Lt Col (L) Pg Mohammad bin Pg Hj Damit, his officers and men onboard KDB DARULAMAN are in good shape and spirit to meet the exercise challenges. KDB Darulaman is due to arrive home on the 24 September 2012.

Second Gunboats TT400TP Officially Handed Over to Navy..!!

                    The ceremony of handed over HQ273 to the Vietnam Navy (photo ttvnol)
Hong Ha Shipyard held consoles gunboat TT400TP (No. HQ-273) for the Vietnam People's Navy. On 31/8, in Haiphong, Hong Ha shipbuilding company, under the General Department of Defence Industry, held a hand over the ship HQ-273 gun (gun ship 2) for the Navy. Lieutenant General Tran Quang Khue, Deputy Chief of Staff ceremony handed over the ship.
HQ-273 gun ship of the 2 Honghe company completed and handed over to the Navy.
                     HQ-272 and HQ-273 is a TT400TP class gunboat (photo : phunutoday)
HQ-273 of TT400TP type has a length of 54.16 m, a width of 9.16 m, the largest stretch of water is 446 tons, the average amount of water recreation is 413 tons, the ability to go to the beach when the sea level 6, level 8 .
Before delivery, the HQ-273 through the test phase 1, test distance and test the Air firing at sea level and accepting the end of ship crew training both phases.
From 6/2012 to now, the ship went through 8 to continue the voyage quality control and test council levels evaluated as to achieve the design requirements and quality, as well as aesthetics.