Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vietnam Navy Signs Contract for Builds Two Battleships....!!!

                                      TT400TP gunship/artillery ship  (photo : ttvnol)
PANO – A contract to build 2 battleships was signed between the Naval High Command, and Hong Ha Shipbuilding Company and Ba Son Firm under the General Department of Defence Industry on October 8th in Hai Phong.
An artillery ship built by Hong Ha Company. Under the contract, the two shipbuilders will build two modern battleships: artillery ship TT400TP and vessel 12418 Molniya. 

                                                 Project 12418 Molniya (photo : ttvnol)
According to Naval leaders, the building of the two battleships is part of the Service’s general modernisation programme in an effort to improve its capacity to effectively manage and firmly protect the Fatherland’s continental shelf, sea and islands.
The Vietnam People’s Navy is in the process of boosting and modernizing its force to meet the requirements of the new situation, said a high-ranking Naval officer at the signing ceremony.
According to representatives of the shipbuilders, the designs and shipbuilding technology for the two ships have been acquired, and they are ready to build the ships and finish the whole project on time.

The Second Saab 340 AEW Aircraft was Handed Over to RTAF...!!!

                              Saab 340 AEW-Airborne early warning aircraft (photo : TAF)
Air Force Chief of Staff Adm. Pramwy lead the handover ceremony of the second airborne early warning aircraft Saab 340 AEW from Sweden to RTAF on October 10, 2012.

Saab 340 was the first AEW aircraft for the Royal Thai Air Force, and the Royal Thai Air Force is just one of two Southeast Asian nations with Singapore Air Force with early warning aircraft into service.

Saab 340 AEW is a virtual eye on the horizon for the Royal Thai Air Force and Thai military forces. The capabilities in the detection in  range of 350 km with Erieye system radar which mounted on the body, making it possible to detect a variety of targets. Saab 340 AEW can also send the information to the unit commander captured within instantly. The supervisor can see the movement in action to fully and timely.
The Air Force had previously contained a versatile 6 fighter Gripen 39 C/D aircraft equipped with 1 Saab 340 AEW Airborne Early Warning aircraft and 1 Saab 340 air transport aircraft and stationed at Squadron 7.
And in 2013 the Swedish FMV (Forsvarets Materil Verk or Defence Materil Administration) the versatility 6 Gripen 39 C/D will be sent to the Air Force to complete Division 7 again.

MMEA Receives Six Speedboats For Enforcement Purposes .!!!!

                                           Penggalang boat (photo : Renitra1975)
PORT KLANG (Bernama) -- The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) today received six speedboats that will be used to enhance enforcement in Selangor waters.
Southern Region MMEA enforcement chief, First Admiral Adon Sahlan said with the new assets, MMEA could step up patrol duty to ensure more effective enforcement.
"Four of the speedboats named 'Penggalang' were handed over by the Customs Department while two other speedboats named 'Pengawal' were handed over by the Marine Police.
"The speedboats will be utilised and will replace MMEA boats currently being restored," he told reporters after receiving the speedboats here.
With the addition, Port Klang MMEA has 11 speed boats used for monitoring, patrolling and enforcement in Selangor waters.

                                                    Pengawal boat (photo : mset)

"With the new assets, we can deploy more speedboats for enforcement unlike before where we had only seven speedboats and three frigates."
Adon said this would enable MMEA to react faster to complaints or information on criminal activities.
"Our fishermen always complain that Indonesian enforcement officers encroach Malaysian waters and tow their boats into Indonesian waters claiming encroachment."
"With more extensive patrolling by MMEA, incidents such as these can be prevented from recurring," he added.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Dassault Aims to Sell the Rafale to the Government...!!!!!

                    Dassault Aviation Rafale multi-role combat aircraft (photo : Marcel Bos)

PETALING JAYA: Military aircraft manufacturer Dassault Aviation is upping the ante in Malaysia with the hopes of supplying its combat aircraft Rafale to the Government, which considering to retire the ageing fleet of Russian made MIG-29N under the Multi Role Combat Aircraft (MRCA) programme.
Dassault international executive vice president Eric Trappier said the company was already meeting with companies that were a potential for their offset programme, assuming if the Malaysian Royal Air Force opt for the Rafale.
“We have met a list of companies that have capabilities in mechanical, electronics and engines, among these are like Global Turbine Asia Sdn Bhd which is in collaboration with Safran Turbomeca, and Sapura which has ties with Thales,” he said at a media briefing on Wednesday.
He said the company was also talking with Composites Technology Research Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Airod Sdn Bhd, and Zetro Aerospace Corporation.
The Rafale aircraft with its crew at LIMA 2011 in Langkawi.

“We fully support the Government's offset programme, and we have initiated talks with companies in the country.
   “There is a strong reach from our side to support the industry here. We feel that the country is capable with the right political wish to develop the country's aviation industry further,” he said.
Headquartered in Paris, Dassault was chosen by India in January to supply at least 126 Rafale jets valued at RM30bil, after winning against rivals Typhoon built by a consortium led by European Aeronautic, Defence & Space Co (EADS) and BAE Systems Plc.
Touted as the largest military aviation deals in the world, the India deal was done after a reportedly exhaustive technical and commercial evaluation which spread over five years.
It was also revealed that officials from the Defence Ministry, in a closed door meeting with Dassault, had expressed that it would take into consideration the Indian government's stamp of approval for Dassault to supply aircraft for its own decision on the MRCA programme. Potentially worth RM10bil to RM15bil, the MRCA programme had attracted the attention of other major companies which are offering their wares like Eurofighter Typhoon from BAE Systems UK, F/A-18F Super Hornet from Boeing USA and Gripen New Generation from Saab of Sweden.
“It is difficult to say when the deal would materialise as there will be the general election in the coming months.
“I don't expect it to be before (the general election). How much time after the general election is the question,” he said.
   Following its Indian win, there have been bouts of merger and acquisition exercises, one being the planned merger of BAE Systems and the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company, in a bid to create a global aerospace and defence leader that would better rival US giant Boeing.
To that end, Eric said: “We are not impressed by the giants, it can be strong, but it also can be very weak when it gets too big to manage. “For Dassault, we are trying to completely do the opposite, we are a smaller company and we will focus on technology and expertise.” According to him, with partners like Thales and Snecma, the company is not small at all. “We are not a giant, but we are number one in our expertise. And we are not chasing to be number one in terms of size,” he said, adding that the company was not trying to be bigger but trying to be better.
  Discounting the possibility of chasing for mergers to upscale its operations.
He said Dassault could have partnerships with the new entity in the future, but it depended on what the countries related to the merger wanted to do and collaborate.
(The Star)

Contraves Wins Combat Vessel Job.....!!!!

                                 SETIS Combat Management System (photo : DCNS)

Boustead Holdings Bhd's unit, Boustead Naval Shipyard Sdn Bhd (BNS), has issued a letter of award (LOA) to Contraves Advanced Devices Sdn Bhd (CAD), in relation to the RM203.79 million contract for Second Generation Patrol Vessels/Littoral Combat Ships.
CAD is a subsidiary of Boustead Heavy Industries Corp (BHIC). The LOA covers an implementation period of up to 10 years.
"The commencement date of the awarded works is Oct 2, 2012," said Boustead Holdings in a filing to Bursa Malaysia today.
The company added that the LOA awards to CAD, a contract to procure, engineer, and integrate into the DCNS SETIS Combat Management System, a Combined Integrated Communication System and Communications ESM system.
The awarded works are expected to have a positive impact on the earnings of the company for the financial year ending Dec. 31, 2012 and subsequent financial years, as the tenure of the awarded works is long term in nature.

Malaysia and Philippines Conduct Land MALPHI Exercise...!!!!

13th LAND MALPHI Exercise : A Philippine soldier, surrounded by his comrades, taking a closer look at a Belgium made Automatic Grenade Launcher on display during the launch of the exercise yesterday. (photo : Borneo Post)

Malaysian, Philippine armies build better ties

KUCHING: The Malaysian and Philippine armies will further foster better relationship with each other through an exercise in supporting global peace.

Deputy Malaysian army chief Lieutenant General Datuk Seri Panglima Ahmad Hasbullah Mohd Nawawi said this could be achieved through the enhancement of the scope of the Land MLAPHI Exercise involving the forces of both nations.

As such, he said, the current 13th Land MALPHI Exercise that was taking place at Penrissen Camp near here was not only focusing on the planning and conduct of conventional warfare setting in the Malaysian environment, but also to cover planning strategy and preparation to face the present global security situation.

 “The main objective of this exercise is to foster a good relationship between the Philippine and Malaysian army who have a common mission in preserving and maintaining peace and security of this region.

“This exercise which started today (yesterday) till Oct 13 is also aimed at enabling both forces to operate together using Multination Forces Operating Procedure with common understanding,” he said.

He said this at the launch of the 13th Land MALPHI Exercise involving 150 soldiers from the Malaysian army under 1st Malaysian Infantry Division and 49 from the Philippines army yesterday.

The Philippines army vice-commander Brigadier General Essel Soriano said it was hoped that the two-week exercise will instil a cordial working relationship and mutual understanding between them and their counterparts here.

“It is also our hope that this exercise will give us all avenues to work and operate together whenever necessary,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hasbullah earlier explained that the exercise was introduced since 1999 following the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the two parties in 1994.
Since then, the exercise had been held once every two years with both countries taking turn to play host.

Among those present at the ceremony yesterday were 1st Infantry Division commander Major General Datuk Mohd Zaki Mokhtar and Third Brigade commander Brigadier General Datuk Rezuan Baharuddin.

Matrade Eyes RM761mil from Indochina Mission.........!!!!!

Locally-made defence products to be exported under the potential contracts include unmanned aerial vehicles, fast interceptor craft, specialised military vehicles, simulation and training equipment, software, communications/command systems, as well as military maintenance, repair and overhaul services. (photo : UST)

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysia External Trade Development Corp (Matrade) expects to generate sales of RM761mil from the Specialised Marketing Mission (SMM) on the defence industry to Indochina.
The SMM, the first such mission by Matrade, was held in Phnom Penh and Hanoi over six days from Sept 10.
In a statement yesterday, Matrade said Cambodia saw potential sales of RM629.5mil while Vietnam concluded potential sales of RM131.5mil.
The mission's objectives included the expansion of trade and economic collaboration between Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam in defence-related products and services, while strengthening existing business networking with the two nations.
Eight participating Malaysian companies were involved in a number of meetings including with the Deputy Prime Minister of Cambodia Gen Tea Banh who is also the country's defence minister.
The delegation also met with the Cambodian deputy commander of the armed forces cum the commander of the Prime Minister's bodyguard unit, the most influential and important military service in Cambodia, as well as with the army, navy, air force and police.
In Vietnam, the mission met with the Vietnamese foreign relations department responsible for the Vietnamese defence industry, and conducted business visits to two government-linked companies that are among five such agencies allowed to trade in defence and security products and services for the Vietnamese government.
A seminar on Malaysia's defence technology and equipment was also held in both cities.
Matrade said despite some difficulty in doing business in the two Indochinese nations, the mission was successful in securing outstanding potential sales including for unmanned aerial vehicles, fast interceptor craft, fire, rescue and specialised vehicles, simulation training equipment and software, communications and command systems, MRO and design services.
A number of issues were identified including promoting only Malaysian-made products and services to avoid intellectual property issues, and the need for better market intelligence and flexible payment terms.
As a follow-up, immediate arrangements need to be made for the Vietnamese and Cambodian end-users to visit Malaysian production facilities, Matrade said.

The Next Angsa Exercise Focuses on Information Warfare...!!!!!

                                          RMAF F/A-18D Hornet (photo : Airliners) 

BUTTERWORTH (Bernama) -  The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) and the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN)  will foucus on information warfare in the next Angsa (Air and Sea – Angkasa dan Samudera) Exercise, said RMN Deputy Chief Laksamana Madya Datok Mohammed Noordin Ali.
He said the field had never been fully explore by the Armed Forces, particularly in training their men on military cyber crimes to tackle such threats.
“Information warfare threatens the nation as the enemy can either send false information or misinformation and manipulate whatever information received, among other things, via cyberspace,” he said.
Mohammed Noordin was speaking to reporters after closing the Angsa exercise at the Butterworth Military Air Base here Friday.
Meanwhile at the same function, RMAF operations chief Lieutenant-General Datuk Sri Ackbal Abdul Samad proposed the Angsa Exercise time-frame be extended to ensure the readiness of every military officer.